Classic PRP Tube

Discover IPPOCARE Classic PRP Tubes, designed for optimal performance and reliability in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedures. Our classic PRP tubes are meticulously crafted to deliver superior results, featuring a 2ml gel and 1.3ml ACD solution for precise preparation.

Ideal for dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and skincare professionals, our classic PRP tubes facilitate seamless PRP extraction and provide exceptional quality and consistency. Experience enhanced treatment outcomes and improved patient satisfaction with our trusted classic PRP tubes.

Order now to elevate your PRP procedures with our industry-leading classic PRP tubes. Trust us for reliable products that meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.


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PRP Tube Specifications

  • Pyrogen Free
  • Triple Sterilized
  • Crystal made tubes
  • 6-8mL of PRP per tube
  • Single Spin System
  • 85% Platelet Recovery
  • 6x baseline platelet concentration factor
  • 1.6 billion platelets in each kit -average platelet count of 1,237,000/ul

What does the separation gel do?


Our IPPOCARE Platelet-Rich Plasma Tubes utilizes a separator gel to isolate the platelets while eliminating the undesirable components such as red blood cells and inflammatory white blood cells. IPPOCARE Platelet-Rich Plasma Tubes allows you to remove red cells, white cells and platelet poor plasma (PPP) without removing a high percentage of platelets. With higher concentrations you can deliver a higher number of total platelets in fewer injections.

Instructions for Use:


1. Product Description:

  • Our PRP tubes are sterile, single-use devices made from high-quality materials.
  • Each tube is labeled with the necessary information, including lot number, expiration date, and volume markings.

2. Indications for Use:

  • PRP tubes are intended for the collection, processing, and preparation of Platelet-Rich Plasma from the patient’s own blood for therapeutic and cosmetic applications.
  • These applications may include but are not limited to dermatology procedures and hair restoration therapies.

3. Precautions:

  • Follow standard aseptic techniques during the entire process to minimize the risk of contamination.
  • Do not use PRP tubes if the packaging is damaged or the expiration date has passed.
  • Dispose of used PRP tubes according to local regulations for biohazardous waste disposal.

4. Preparation and Procedure: (see details here)

  • Collect the required volume of whole blood from the patient using standard venipuncture techniques.
  • Transfer the collected blood into the PRP tube using a sterile syringe or blood collection system.
  • Close the tube securely with the provided cap and gently mix the blood to ensure proper anticoagulation.
  • Centrifuge the PRP tube according to the recommended parameters (e.g., speed, duration) to separate the PRP from other blood components.
  • After centrifugation, carefully remove the supernatant PRP layer using a sterile pipette or syringe for further processing or administration.

5. Storage and Handling:

  • Store PRP tubes in a clean and dry environment at room temperature.
  • Protect PRP tubes from excessive heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.
  • Do not freeze PRP tubes, as this may compromise their integrity and effectiveness.

10ml, 12ml

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Classic PRP Tube

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