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The NERA thermal technology is a cold chain packaging solution features advanced insulation thermal technology, together with manufactured vacuum insulation panel (VIP) and phase changing material (PCM)

NERA cold chain solution ensures consistent thermal performance for transporting temperature sensitive pharmaceutical goods.

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What is
Cold Chain Packaging?

What is Cold Chain Packaging?

Cold chain packaging is a type of system that involves packaging and shipping of products that require a specific temperature to maintain their efficiency. Apart from maintaining the optimum temperature for the products, cold chain solutions involve overall protection from jostling, bumps, bad weather, rough handling, and other unpredictable factors during transit. 


A Strong Case
For Rethinking Your Cold Chain Strategy

VIP Vacuum Insulation Board Technology

Our VIP Vacuum Insulation Board it is effective for high value temperature sensitive 2 to 96 liters (including pallets) from -25ºC to 25°C for up to seven days (155 hours)


Reliable PCM phase change material

Each NERA box is equipped with VIP vacuum insulation board technology and reliable PCM phase change material, precision-molded interconnect panels, formulated with specially packaged encapsulating phase change material (PCM), protective thermal seal for a pre-determined temperature range and duration.


Data Logger &GPS

Real-time central temperature monitoring, easy viewing, and GPS function. Peace of mind throughout the journey!

Reusable Pallet

Offers a full stack pallet system that easily converts to a half pallet for maximum flexibility of payload volume and freight efficiency. The added convenience of four-sided forklift accessibility, provides ease of loading and warehouse storage logistics. Attached tie-down strap system allows for quick loading and unloading.


Patented technology product

No electricity, dry ice or batteries are required, providing more transportation choices and alleviating payload excursion risk due to power failure.


High Quality PCM Material

VIP-Vacuum Insulation Panels

NERA Cold Chain Solutions

Experiments prove that temperature stability is beyond imagination


Thermal Packaging Solutions Are complied with GDP & GMP guidllines

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