What is
a Centrifuge?

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What is a Centrifuge?

IPPOCARE centrifuge enables practices with the technology needed for the extraction of the plasma from the red blood cells. Our user-friendly centrifuge, equipped with digital display, allows any practitioners the ability to easily adjust the settings needed for their PRP treatments.

Ideally, the platelet concentrate for PRP must be between 5 to 7 times of the average platelet concentration. Using a PRP centrifuge machine simplifies the centrifugation process and gives you a plasma sample with the high platelet count.

Blood platelet centrifugation is an important process of PRP preparation and it must be done efficiently to bring out the essential growth factors that make the prp treatment works.

Centrifuge Features:

Outstanding performance spin after spin


What size tubes does the IPPOCARE Centrifuge spin?

Depends on what type of motors you purchased:

  1. 8 * 15ml
  2. 12 * 5ml/7ml
  3. 4 * 50ml

Do I have to use the IPPOCARE Centrifuge or will my current centrifuge work with IPPOCARE Prp tubes?

IPPOCARE Prp tubes will work with all centrifuges and are based on the make and model of the centrifuge, the angle of the rotor, as well as the min-max speed requirements.

An IPPOCARE Specialist will be able to tell you if your centrifuges work with our PRP tubes.


Premium Quality

Our desktop centrifuge adopts good laboratory-quality material, meets the needs of daily use, has a nice appearance, large capacity, high efficiency, small size. The electronic door lock ensures overspeed protection.

High Performance

Our PRP centrifuge is driven by a brushless motor not the carbon brush, which provides a longer life. It adopts microcomputer control with automatic RCF calculation and setting, and intuitive digital display.

Stable Running

The lab centrifugal machine runs smoothly with low vibration and low noise. Using a PRP centrifuge to separate the PRP tube can achieve a better separation effect.

Satisfactory Effects

can set up speed, centrifugal force and time on the lab centrifuge, the parameters can be modified during operation to achieve a satisfactory centrifugal effect, and the operating parameters can be automatically memorized for convenient operation.

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